The river Damodar arises in the Palamau hills of the Choto Nagpur plateau and after joining with river Konar and river Bokaro it flows in South- Eastern direction. Afterwards it enters into the State West Bengal and joins with river Barakar, its main tributary and continues to flow in the same direction until it reaches Burdwan town where the river takes abrupt Southern turn.


The Damodar Valley Command Area gets the irrigation water from the barrage of the irrigation project of Damodar Valley Corporation through two main canals, i.e. right bank canal and left bank canal. The left bank main canal is also a navigation canal which is 136.8 km in length with a head discharge of 260 cumec. The right bank main canal is purely an irrigation canal having length of 88.5 km with a head discharge of 64.3 cumec.