The Teesta Command Area Development Authority Was Created in 1999-2000 with its headquarter at Siliguri in the district of Darjeeling for integrated development of command area of Teesta project with a jurisdiction of 6 (Six) districts in the North Bengal, vizCoochbehar, Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling, Uttar Dinajpur, DakshinDinajpur and Malda.

The Teesta Barrage project authorities under I. & W.D., Govt of West Bengal has so far created their maximum potential for utilization in Rajganj and jalpaiguriSadar block of Jalpaiguri district and has started supplying irrigation water in those areas.


The Teesta CADA after its creation in 1999, has also started its On Farm Development activities in those areas. Construction of lined field channel is the main component of O.F.D. work executed for effective micro distribution of irrigation water in the areas where irrigation water cannot reach easily through inundation or through unlined field channels. Due to loamy sand type soil and high intensity of rainfall, lined field channels are only executed, unlined field channels are constructed by farmers themselves of their own.