Procurement under the West Bengal Accelerated Development of Minor Irrigation Project(WBADMIP) is carried out following the procurement procedures prescribed by the World Bank and guided by the Procurement manual prepared for the project. Procurement plan for the financial year 2012-13 was approved by the World Bank and is under implementation.

Procurement of Minor Irrigation Civil works is the major procurement under the works component of the Project. Works contracts are small value contracts costing less than Rs 25,00,00,000 and decided to procure under National Competitive Bidding(NCB). Sample bids cleared. Bids have been floated and evaluation is under process.In the first year 400 schemes were taken up for preparation of Detail Project Report (DPR). DPR for 388 schemes have been received and 316 schemes were approved. 59 bids in package consisting of 95 nos schemes have been floated in the DPMU.44 bids in package have been opened.14 nos of bid in package have been awarded and work is under progress.

Procurement of Goods and works:

Procurement of goods and works less than Rs 25,00,000 will be made on shopping. For bulk procurement of goods, the procurement will be done using bidding documents agreed with and satisfactory to Bank and satisfying the agreed NCB conditions. Procurement of Mobile, Arc GIS software has been completed. 20 nos Tablets has been procured and distributed to the DPMU cell. Up gradation of water quality lab in the State and Districts completed. Most of the items have been procured and balance items will be procured on shopping in the next 6 months.Procurement of Total Station in DPMU level has been made in all the 18 Districts.

Development of MIS software:

TOR and cost estimate for the software consisting of Web Page development, web site of WBADMIP, mobile cum integrated web application software for monitoring field activities of HR personnel deployed by Sos has been prepared and sent to World Bank for approval. It is expected that procurement will be completed within next 6 months. Procurement will be made on single source selection. Renovation & reconstruction of conference room at 8th Floor of WBADMIP office has been completed including electrical works of the conference room and furniture,CC TV, CUG Plan, Sound system, Projector etc.

Recruitment of consultancy service to assist SPMU has been completed and mobilising team for DPMUs is under process. Recruiting agency for HR personnel in DPMU has been engaged.The team structure was revised by the mission during their last visit. Proposal for recruitment has been sent to Govt for approval.It is expected that the team can be mobilised within next 6 months. For recruitment of third Party Consultancy service for Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA) for the civil works , TOR and cost estimate has been prepared and sent to World Bank for approval.It is expected that the EOI and RFP can be done within next 6 months. Outsourcing services of NGO’s to DPMU as Support Organisations has been completed.