Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF):

The schemes funded out of loan support form the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development(NABARD) in the form of soft loan at modarate rate of interest towards creation of irrigation facilites by installation/revival of different types of Minor Irrigation schemes using ground and surface water resources in the State.

The first scation by NABARD under RIDF-I Programme was accorded at the end of 1995-96 and the said project was completed at the end of 1997-98.Thereafter,several Minor Irrigation Schemes under different RIDF Tranches viz.,RIDF-II,V,VIII,X,XI,XII & XVII were excecuted by this Directorate.After completion of 11549 number schemes under the above mentioned programmes(RIDF-II,V,VIII,X,XI & XVII) potential to an extent of 238331 Hectare(Ha) was created.The Minor Irrigation schemes sanctioned under RIDF-VI & VIII Programme were executed by the concerned Zilla Parishads of the respective Districts.

At present execution of different types of Minor irrigation Schemes under RIDF Programme viz. XIII,XIV,XV,XVI,XVIII,XIX,XX & XXI are in progress.Different types of Minor Irrigation schemes generally executed by this Directorate,are Heavy Duty Tube Well(HDTW),Medium Duty Tube Well(MDTW),Light Duty Tube Well(LDTW),Shallow Tube Well(STW), Major River Lift Irrigation(Major RLI),Medium River Lift Irrigation(Midi RLI),Mini River Lift Irrigation(Mini RLI),Surface Flow Minor Irrigation Scheme(SFMIS),Water Harvesting Tank(WHT),Pump Dug Well(PDW),Solar Power Operated Minor Irrigation Scheme(SPSIS),Renovation of River Lift Irrigation/Tube Well.

The Status Of Different On-Going RIDF Tranchels As On 31.12.2015 Is Furnished Below:
Tranche No.of M.I. Schemes scantioned Estimated Cost(Rs.In Lakh) Target Potential(Ha.) Nos. of Schemes Completed & Handed Over to the Beneficiaries Irrigation Potential(Ha.)
RIDF XIII 1208 8389.79 24992 1084 24932
RIDF XIV 3096 15015.32 56423 2782 48419
RIDF XV 1286 8470.09 22804 767 13368
RIDF XVI 3076 10607.31 46214 2296 31616
RIDF XVIII 503 7397.74 16643 160 3055.6
RIDF XIX 2164 18646.55 41612 23 1079.4
RIDF XX 1469 22398.02 35364 26 1202.45
RIDF XXI 1601 24601.61 40580 0 0
Total 14403 115526.43 284632 7138 123672.45